Whale sighting is a rich and stunning experience with sun, sand, sea and the gentle giants of the sea! Today, an increase is found in the number of companies offering whale sighting tours because more people are considering whale sighting a vital experience to enjoy at least once in their life.
You can optimize your tour if you do some planning in order. Here we list out some tips to follow to ensure that your whale sighting adventure is the most beautiful experience you would like to remember again and again.
Pick up a reputable company
• Choosing a reliable and reputable company is very important. Some people don’t spend time for researching the company that runs whale sighting tours.
• There are many licensed operators offering good value for money, however it still pays to ensure that you get what exactly you want to.
• With a little research, you can match you with the right tour operator for your particular needs. Families with little children may need different types of whale watching cruises from one arranged for a group of athletic swimmers and divers. See this page if you are planning for whale watching.
• Check out different companies and see what they have to offer to make your holiday more perfect and unforgettable. Choose the right time
You will want to take enough rest, eat properly and ensure well hydration before and during whale sighting cruise. These are important to ensure that you are in perfect condition for the adventure. Seasickness can spoil the entire mood of your sail, so take precautions.

Perfect dress for the weather
You should dress depending on the location and time of the year. You can check out the weather and temperature in the location before getting into the place. Keep in mind, the climate on shore is different from out on the open sea where spray and winds can reduce the temperature, so it is wise to dress in layers so that you can increase or decrease articles of clothing and ensure that you are dressed comfortably matching the weather. You can use this link as a guide to gather information if you want to experience the fraser island tour http://www.tasmanventure.com.au/remote-fraser-island-1-day-tour.
Take plenty of photographs
You should bring a good quality camera to document the beautiful moments of the cruise. Be very vigilant and alert because you can’t say when those giant creatures will decide to jump for an awesome shot. It is best to have a SLR or DSLR cameras, but you can use camera phones and compact digital cameras. You should consider using burst mode or continuous shooting mode to have a few good shots. 
You may spend too much time taking photos and videos to enjoy their whale sighting tours. Remember, nothing can be beat the feeling of watching those giants swimming, jumping and spouting water in real time. Therefore, switch off your camera and enjoy their show in real time.

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